Where am I now?

I (Darrick) wrote this blog post three times, but I am glad I did because now I’m sure I’m giving you my best version. This blog post is very much a “Where are they now?” type of post. If you haven’t read my life story — how I grew up fat and how I changed my life — you should go here and read it. Someone much smarter than me once said, “If you don’t tell people your story they will make one up about you and that will be the truth until you change it.” So please allow me to change the narrative that’s likely in your head about my journey to becoming a CrossFit gym owner.

Yes, I own and operate two CrossFit gyms in South Seattle. Knowing that, you probably have a picture of what I look like in your head (maybe something like this?). Nope! Here is what it looks like for me. You can see in this picture that I am not the greek god you were expecting. The truth of the matter is, I am still very much on a journey to improve my own health and fitness. I also don’t think that the way I look tells 100% of the story, and I don’t know if it ever will. This doesn’t tell the “before” and it doesn’t even fully tell the “now.” I am strong and in good shape, but I know that I could clean up my diet and be a little more diligent in the gym … Yes, even gym owners find it hard to workout sometimes.

My biggest goal this year was to take a look at my story from the beginning (well, not the very beginning… let’s say young adulthood) to the present and figure out how to connect those two dots. How did I make the 180-degree turn from being a 300-pound bartender to completely centering my life around a sport? More importantly, how can I create a similar transformation for you? If you told me to try CrossFit at 300 pounds, I would have laughed at you, and I would have also thought you were part of a cult (yes I am completely aware of how we “CrossFitters” sound). My journey didn’t start with CrossFit. It started with me buying shoes at Costco and trying to run to the end of my block and back (and failing). And also getting all my nutrition advice from Mens Health Magazine.

I need my business to reflect my story, but not because I am chiseled and lean and my transformation story is soooooo inspirational. I need it to reflect my story because it is real, and because it is a journey that I will be on for the rest of my life. Just like my body and what it is capable of, I want my business to reflect who I am and where I’m at today and where I want to be in the future. The two narratives you hear in health and fitness are either “get shredded in 10 days” or “no quick fix … you just have to grind it out the rest of your life.” I have to admit … both of those are true. The fact is, you are going to hit so many goals on your journey. The journey itself is grinding it out, and the small goals you hit along the way are the “getting shredded in 10 days.” Now I am not saying I can get you shredded in 10 days … but I can get you to end of your block and back in 10 days. ;)

In December of last year I started writing down everything I did to change my life. All the fad diets that worked and the ones that didn’t. I also started looking at what I know now and what is the best way I could help more people with my story and journey. I needed to create a “run to the end of the block” program to help those just getting started. I also wanted to increase my reach by connecting with people over the internet to help them with nutrition. So I started writing my perfect nutrition plan. One that combines five of the most important rules about food that allow you to eat any foods or follow any “diet” (vegetarian, paleo, whatever) and reach your goals, while being flexible enough to prevent you from obsessing about food. I also needed to make programs that get out of the four walls of a gym and into your daily routine… meaning you can do them in your office OR your living room, at 2 a.m. or 9 p.m. or anywhere in between. The entire program is me: it’s my journey, and it takes you through step-by-step what I went through. The best part is that I get to be there helping you as we go through it together. Yes… I am still on it, and I want everyone to come along with me.

I give you the Everyday Better Project…. now who’s coming with me?

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