The overall goal of CrossFit RE: SODO is to help you be better every single day. That might include getting fitter, losing weight, eating better, improving your mood, and more!

Three reasons we are different at CrossFit RE: SODO …

  1. We love our members! On a day-to-day basis, loving others isn’t about feeling a certain way. We think some of the best descriptions of love are these: patience, kindness, humility, respect. And what does “active” love look like? To us, active love means taking action to help others. It might look like arranging a meal train when someone is ill. It might mean chatting with and engaging a member after class or even just on Facebook. It might mean covering a shift when another staff member has an emergency. It is the ability to notice, empathize with, and respond to someone else’s needs.
  2. We have FUN! This may seem obvious, but there are trainers and gyms that are SO focused on safety, that they forget to have fun! One of our coaching rules is: Safety, fun, results, in that order. No one is coming back if they aren’t having an AWESOME time! As Darrick likes to say, “If you’re not laughing, you’re not listening!”
  3. We are supportive of ALL goals! Some of our members may want to lose a few pounds, some want to get “healthy” or “fit” or just feel better. Some seek to set PRs as a CrossFitter or as an athlete in another field. And some just want a friggen six-pack or a nice butt. We believe ALL goals are equal! We highly encourage you to set specific, measurable goals so you can see your progress. And as you learn to be “everyday better,” you will start to create lifelong health and fitness habits.


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